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Duna-Mix Kft.
Székhely: 2600 Vác,
Barabás Miklós u. 1.
Adószám: 10897232-2-51
Cégjegyzékszám: 13-09-067928

English summary

Duna-Mix Ltd. is a government-run for-profit company, supervised by the Hungarian Prison Service.

Duna-Mix Ltd., Vác / Hungary

The company is responsible for services and industrial production in several branches,
using productive prisoner labour that is, together with on-the-job training
and vocational courses, a successful means of prisoners' reintegration, resocialization. 

Employing over 400 prisoners of Vác Medium and Maximum Security Prison,
Duna-Mix operates in the following
industry branches:

  - Printing house and book-bindery: books, periodicals, pre-printed forms, brochures, folders

  - Locksmith workshop, carpentry: cell doors, steel beds, cell equipments (tables and seats)

  - Embroidery studio and sewing workshop: uniform insignia for police, disaster management, prison services and military

  - Services: labour leasing for landscaping, material handling, laundry, cable assembling.


  - Annual turnover exceeds EUR 3 million

  - Two third of the products sold are to satisfy needs in the governement institutions' central procurement system.

  - Facilities of 6,000 square metres serve as production area

  - Own transport fleet of various vehicle types


  - General Manager: Colonel Lorant SZAKOLCZAI

  - E-mail:

  - Phone: +36 27 501 575

  - Web: